Transforming Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics (TPSE Math), sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the National Science Foundation, aims to effect constructive change in mathematics education at U.S. community colleges, 4-year colleges and research universities.

Vision: Post-secondary education in mathematics will enable any student, regardless of his or her chosen program of study, to develop the mathematical knowledge and skills necessary for productive engagement in society and in the workplace.

Mission: TPSE Math will facilitate an inclusive movement to strengthen post-secondary education in mathematics by working closely with--and mobilizing when necessary--faculty leaders, university administrations, membership associations, and relevant disciplinary societies in the pursuit of mathematically rich and relevant education for all students, whatever their chosen field of study. TPSE Math will identify innovative practices where they exist, advocate for innovation where they do not, and work with and through partners to implement and scale effective practices, striving throughout to ensure that students and society are enriched by the power and beauty of mathematics.

TPSE Math Priorities 

  • Lower-Division Pathways: Developing multiple math pathways in 2- and 4-year institutions to better align coursework with students’ programs of study and increase completion rates (in collaboration with the Dana Center).
  • Upper-Division Pathways: Enhancing upper-division curricula in response to evolving career opportunities, developments in mathematical research, and demand from other departments for mathematics courses.
  • Graduate Education: Broadening graduate programs to better prepare students for a wide variety of careers in academia, business, industry and government.
  • Teaching Strategies and Practices: Studying innovative teaching practices, including the use of technologies, and advocating for adoption of those that show promise of improving learning outcomes (in collaboration with Ithaka S+R).

Board of Governors
Phillip Griffiths, Institute for Advanced Study, Chair
William (Brit) Kirwan, University System of Maryland, Executive Director      
Eric Friedlander, University of Southern California
S. James Gates, Jr., Brown University @Dr_JimGates
Mark Green, University of California - Los Angeles
Tara Holm, Cornell University @tsholm
Karen Saxe, American Mathematical Society (on leave from Macalester College)
Uri Treisman, University of Texas at Austin @uritr

Arlen Hastings (Institute for Advanced Study), Director of Operations
Paula Talley (Dana Center, UT Austin), Senior Consultant @pmjtalley
Alan Anderson, Consultant/Writer
Carl Krueger (Dana Center, UT Austin), Consultant/Writer @UTDC_Carl

last website update: 1/11/19