Preparing Math Majors for Careers - Rutgers Report


Every department wants to support math majors and make sure their graduates are ready to succeed. This new report from TPSE and the Rutgers Education and Employment Research Center details the best practices to achieving that goal, especially for students seeking careers in industry.


Their report includes an Executive Summary, followed by six briefs that focus on specific promising career-readiness practices from math departments across the country:

Career Preparation in Math Graduate Programs


Graduate Programs face evolving landscapes for recruitment, admission, diversity and academic plus career advising. This new report form TPSE and the Rutgers Education and Employment Research Center describes how a sample of sixty departments are handling these challenges.

How to Support and Lead the Urgent Transition to Quality Online Learning in Intro Math - a TPSE report with Ithaka S+R

Math departments are moving introductory math courses online at scale, presenting both opportunities and challenges. This report aims to be a resource for department chairs, academic administrators, and senior leaders involved in course delivery decisions. It includes resource suggestions for online teaching and learning, but is not a “how to teach online” guide.

TPSE Math partnered with Ithaka S+R on a project to develop, test, and scale new models for entry-level math instruction. The resulting report was published in November 2019, and an article about the results appeared in Campus Technology.