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Two-Day Workshop

The first event for each Leadership cohort is a two-day summer leadership training workshop to be held in late June. There, Leadership Fellows will meet and learn from experienced leaders through panels, presentations, and small group discussions on topics that will expand their vision of what leadership means, teach them essential leadership skills, and increase their motivation to make a difference as a leader. 

TPSE Math will host the Leadership Institute Summer Training Workshop in 1 of 2 ways, dependent upon available funding. ​​

  1. IN-PERSON: If additional funding is available, TPSE Math will host an in-person two-day workshop. 2024-2025 dates TBA. Travel expenses for the two-day summer workshop will be covered by the Institute.

  2. VIRTUAL: If additional funding is not available, TPSE Math will host a virtual workshop, dates TBA. 

Workshop Sessions Typically Include:


  • Leadership in higher education

  • Leadership roles beyond department chairs or deans


  • Leadership styles 

  • Communication & people skills

  • Leadership outside of academia

Group Work

  • Managing conflict scenarios

  • Refining Your Leadership Project​

  • Builiding relationships


Reflective journaling and other projects aimed at helping you reach your goals.

Group Meeting Sample Discussion Topics 

  • Managing a department or a program (e.g., who to go to for data and additional resources, how to make an effective case for additional resources, budgets, etc.)

  • The changing role of mathematics and meeting people in other disciplines who are using mathematics in new and unusual ways.

  • Managing conflict

  • Organizing a department or program (e.g., team building/consensus building, how to lay out the organization or structure of a department or program, etc.)

  • Evaluating the needs of a department or program and creating a strategic plan 

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a community college faculty member, or I have a visiting faculty position. Am I eligible to participate in the Leadership Institute?

Community College faculty members and faculty at two-year institutions are eligible to participate and are encouraged to apply. Visiting faculty members are also eligible to participate in the Leadership Institute although they will still need to submit a letter from the department chair, dean, or provost at the institution they are visiting.

I have a scheduling conflict with the two-day summer workshop. Is it okay if I don’t attend the workshop?

The two-day workshop will lay the foundation for the year-long Leadership Institute, and it is expected that all participants will attend the workshop. If you cannot attend the workshop, it is better for you to wait and apply in a year that you can attend the workshop.

I am not sure what to do for my leadership project. Are there any samples of previous leadership projects?

A one-sentence description of the previous leadership projects are listed on the Participants page. 


Is there a cost associated with participation?

No. There is no cost for participating in the program, and costs for travel, lodging, and food for the in-person summer workshop will be covered by TPSE (assuming it will be in person). 



How are the mentors chosen?

A mentor for each Leadership Fellow is chosen based on several factors such as suggestions for possible mentors from the Fellow, the type of Leadership project the Fellow will be doing, a discussion by the TPSE Executive Director and Board, and the availability of potential mentors. 

Are applicants limited to academia?

Applicants are not limited to academia, and it would be great to have participants from different sectors such as industry and non-profits. As some background, applicants during the first two years were all from academia, probably because of the difficulty in getting the word out about a new program. We are trying to advertise it more widely this year, so we can get a more diverse group of participants.

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