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COME-IN Project

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply as both a department team lead and to train as a DEI consultant? 

The department leads and Broadening Participation  consultants  have different roles, and are mutually exclusive. In order to reach as many institutions as possible, we will select participants  as either department leads or DEI consultants, but not both. While an individual can become a consultant if their department is involved, the consultant will not serve their home institution for this TPSE project.

2. When will be hear back about applications?

Applicants will be notified by mid-April. 

3. Is there a virtual option for the summer workshop?

No, in order to best build community among the department leads and consultants, all participants are expected to attend the summer workshop in person.     

4.  Can you tell me more about the training consultants will receive? Do you require any other previous experience or training in DEI or will they only have the 3 day training? 

TPSE COME-IN Leadership team of Aris Winger, Abbe Herzig, and Michael Dorff will lead the consultant training. While there is no specific prior experience required, consultants will be  selected based on factors including prior experience, and commitment to improving broadening participation in the mathematical sciences. The training will include elements of DEI goals and leadership in professional development. Consultants and the project staff will work together throughout the span of the project to share successes and challenges and to support one another.

5. Who should complete the application to participate for departments?  

One member of the department should  apply for the whole department. Unless the department chooses otherwise, the applicant will be designated as the department lead. Only the department lead is expected to attend and receive travel support for the summer workshop.

6. What is expected of departments, who should be involved in the project? 

Each department team will designate a "team lead." We are looking for between 3-5 individuals from the departments to commit to the project, as well as support from an administrator. Generally, teams consisting of a diverse group of individuals are preferred. For example, this could include such factors as a member being in a leadership role (e.g., dept chair, dept undergraduate director, dean’s office, etc), a mixture of various faculty ranks in the dept, diversity in gender identity, diversity in race and ethnicity. At least the department lead is expected to participate in webinars, but all members of the department team are encouraged to participate. In the application, you'll be asked to describe commitment to this initiative from other department members and leadership. 
The department lead and other participating department members will be expected to make a substantial commitment in order to do the required work of collecting data documenting DEI challenges, and developing action plans to address those challenges. This work is the basis of the honoraria and other funds provided to department teams

7. Is financial support provided for participants? 

Department teams will receive $15,000 each year to implement the Broadening Participation project and for travel. Department leads will receive $3.5k in honoraria each year. Departments will decide how to best use funds with the guidance of consultants and TPSE COME-IN Leadership. No buy- in or matching funds from departments/institutions is expected or necessary

Consultants will receive $2.5 each year in honoraria and $4k in travel support for visits to departments. 

Travel to the summer workshop will be arranged by TPSE staff and paid for by COME-IN.


8. How is success measured? How will COME-IN initiatives implemented in departments be evaluated? 

Consultants will be considered to be successful if they complete each of these tasks: 

  • Attending the summer workshop and all COME-IN webinars. 

  • Consultants will also meet, visit, work with a specific COME-IN department team. 

  • During the first year  help the department team analyze their data and create a list of potential projects to help the department team improve Broadening Participation. 

  • During the second year, the consultant will continue to serve as an advisor and support for the department team. 

  • The consultant will complete surveys and reports throughout the two-year program. We consider the consultant successful if they complete all of these tasks. 

In addition, the consultants will set individual goals for their work with departments and will conduct a self-assessment related to those goals.

The department lead is expected to participate in the summer training workshop, all required COME-In webinars. The department team and lead will be expected to:

  • Work regularly with their assigned Come-in consultant

  • Collect and analyze data about DEI issues in their department, following a flexible framework that will be provided at the summer workshop. 

  • Develop a list of potential goals, in collaboration with the consultant and based on the data collected. 

  • By the end of the first year, identify one improvement project from that list and develop a detailed plan for the project.

  • Begin implementing that improvement project by the start of the Fall 2025 semester, and make progress toward the goals of the project corresponding to the details of the implementation plan. 

  • Complete surveys and reports throughout the 2 years of the project, including a self-assessment of their progress corresponding to the project plan.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award No. 2304106

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