Upper-Division Pathways: Mountain Regional Meeting

Utah Valley University
Orem, Utah
September 28-29, 2018

This meeting focused on developing math pathways for undergraduate students at the upper-division level to respond to regional workforce needs, with an emphasis on Data Science, Medical Analytics, and Technology. Participants...

  • learned about jobs in industry, including implications for developing curricula, internships and mentorships, and undergraduate research opportunities;
  • interacted with representatives from industries in the Mountain Region, and learned how to create productive relationships with industry representatives to inform curricula and create industry opportunities for students;
  • had the opportunity to design or revise an upper-division mathematics pathway to prepare students for careers in industry*;
  • had the opportunity to become part of a TPSE-supported regional network of institutions working on upper-division pathways (UDPs).

This event was made possible by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York and by the generosity of our host, Utah Valley University. Thanks also to co-organizers Bob Palais of UVU and Michael Dorff of Brigham Young University.

*Sample minor in data science designed by meeting participants

Full/printable agenda
Participant list
Reimbursement request form (for participants offered travel support)


Friday, September 28
Registration; informal lunch/mingling

Welcome & Introductions
Bob Palais, UVU
Jeffery Olson, UVU
Karen Saxe, Macalester College, AMS & TPSE

About TPSE Math
Mark Green, UCLA & TPSE (slides)

About Upper-Division Pathways (UDPs)
Uri Treisman, Dana Center & TPSE

Industry Panel
Michael Dorff, BYU - Moderator
Charles Cox, BioFire Diagnostics
Stephanie Fitchett, Transamerica
Marylesa Howard, Nevada National Security Site
Uwe Mayer, eBay
Eric Ringger, Zillow

Success Stories
PIC Math: Elly Farnell, Colorado State (slides)
ACME: Tyler Jarvis, BYU (slides)
The Mathematical Biology Program at the University of Utah: Bob Palais, UVU

Alumni Panel
Eric Friedlander, USC & TPSE - moderator
Addison Adams, UVU (BS)
Rebecca Jones, BYU (BS & MS)
Rachel Messick, BYU (BS & MS)
Dylan Zwick, U of Utah (MS & PhD)

Reception & Dinner

Saturday, September 29
What You Need to Know to Launch a UDP: Evidence from the Field
Hal Salzman & Heather McKay, Rutgers (slides)

Industry/Academia Breakout 1
Theme 1 - Academia/Industry Interface
Theme 2 - UDP Mathematics Content and Structures for Industry
Theme 3 - Preparing Students for Careers in Industry

Industry/Academia Breakout 2
Participants will have the opportunity to interact with the same experts on a different theme, or with different experts on the same theme, or with different experts on a different theme.


Developing Upper-Division Math Pathways: Working Sessions

Reflections from Funding Organizations
Carnegie Corporation of New York - Elise Henson
National Science Foundation - Lee Zia

Closing Remarks