The first of a series of regional meetings took place at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, on Saturday, November 15, 2014.

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Part I: Context

  9:00-10:00          Opening Talks: (video)
                              William (Brit) Kirwan, Chancellor, University System of Maryland
                              Eric Friedlander, University of Southern California & TPSE Math,
                               Challenges, Values, Efforts     

  10:30-12:00        Panel 1: Initiatives to Transform Post-Secondary Education in Mathematics
                              Phillip Griffiths, Institute for Advanced Study & TPSE Math (chair)
                              Joan Leitzel, Ohio State (talk)
                              Matthew Ando, University of Illinois
                              Howard Gobstein, APLU
                              Q&A (video)

Part II: Expanding the Conversation

  1:30-2:45            Panel 2: Broadening Participation (video)
                              Tara Holm, Cornell & TPSE Math (chair)
                              Alycia Marshall, Anne Arundel Cmty College, Broadening Participation in Math
                              William Yslas Vélez, U Arizona, Math Departments: Preparing students
                               for the future or for the past?

                              Loek Helminck, North Carolina State University, Mentoring and Student Success
                             Q&A (video)

  3:15-4:30            Panel 3: Issues Faced by Non-R1 Institutions (video)
                              Uri Treisman, UT Austin & TPSE Math (chair)
                              Raouf Boules, Towson University, Case Study: Towson University Math Dept
                              William LaCourse, UMBC

  4:30-5:00            Closing Remarks:
                              Freeman Hrabowski, President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
                              (video - from 1:22:50)

Background Documents

Report of inaugural TPSE Math meeting, UT Austin, June 2014 (PDF)

For Panel 2:
William Yslas Vélez, Suggestions for the teaching of algebra (1993)
                              Are we talking enough? (2004)
                              Colleges, universities, and communities (2004)
                              Each one, teach one (2004)
                              The role of academic departments in diversity issues (2004)
                              Integrating math majors into the scientific life of the country (2014)