Teaching Strategies and Practices


Improve the teaching and learning of post-secondary mathematics by increasing the adoption of innovative, equitable, research-based pedagogies in both remote and in-person instruction, including the appropriate use of technologies.


Possible Tactics

  • Continue with showcase activities and programs: seminars, webinars and workshops.

Tech Tip Videos

The Teaching Strategies and Practices sub-group of TPSE has commissioned a set of short videos to explain various technology tools that can be used to engage students in the learning of mathematics.

The videos give a brief description of the tool, the pedagogical purpose, and an explanation of how the tool can support the learning goals of mathematics courses and enhance the student’s experience.

The video shows the tool in use from both faculty and student perspective. At present, videos commissioned are for Jamboard, Desmos, Geogebra, Flipgrid, Panopto, WonderMe, GoogleSheets, Purusall, and Discord. These videos will soon appear on the newly revised TPSE website and available to all classroom teachers.