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Creating Opportunities in Mathematics through Equity and INclusion (COME-IN)

"Equity work requires high levels of and continuous accountability, assessment, and reflection for all"

--From Equity Talk to Equity Walk (McNair, Bensimon, & Malcom-Piqueux, 2020, p5)

Resources for Assessing and Improving Equity and Inclusion in the Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Mathematics and statistics departments are working to improve the equity, diversity, and inclusivity among their students, faculty, and staff. However, the resources to needed to accomplish such goals are scarce. To help fill this gap, TPSE supported a working group to create COME-IN (Creating Opportunities in Mathematics through Equity and INclusion), a modification of the AAAS SEA Change Departmental Awards core criteria and guidelines.


COME-IN is a guide for a department in the mathematical and statistical sciences to conduct a holistic self-assessment of its policies, practices, and outcomes related to equity, diversity, and inclusion. It is a structured yet flexible framework for collecting and interpreting data in a way that is adaptable to a broad range of departments and programs. Collecting data and making meaning from those data will equip a department to engage in a deep-dive strategic planning process.


TPSE is providing this resource to departments and programs in the mathematical and statistical sciences to support the community’s systemic transformation to one that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

Read the MAA Focus article featuring COME-IN here.


A Call to Action


Are you interested in 

  • Learning more about COME-IN?

  • Pilot testing the COME-IN resources within your department or program?

  • Working with TPSE to further develop these resources?

  • Becoming a coach to help mathematics and statistics departments improve their EDI efforts with COME-IN?

  • Participating in a planning conference to further develop COME-IN?

  • Being part of an advisory committee to lead COME-IN into its next stages?

Please tell us more about your interest at this Google form or email

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