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Jennifer Telfer invented the Pillow Pets, a plush stuffed animal that flattens to a pillow. The product's jingle and a TV ad were successful enough to earn Telfer $300,000 in her first year of sales. By the end of 2010, Pillow Pets sales had topped $300 million.

Telfer was a mother of two young boys when she came up with the idea for a functional stuffed animal. She and her husband, Clint Telfer, founded CJ Products, which produces the Pillow Pets. The company's first products sold 25 million pieces worldwide in less than nine years.

Telfer created Pillow Pets after she noticed that her young boys preferred sleeping with their stuffed animals. The pillows fit under the knees and back, and can also be used for neck support. They can also be machine-washed at 140 degrees, which kills dust mites.

Telfer's stuffed animals are designed to be durable and can be used as pillows. They measure 5 inches by 26 inches and weigh 40 ounces. The Telfers also made them chew-resistant. Currently, the company sells over one hundred different types of Pillow Pets. It also licenses licensed pillows with popular Disney and sporting brands.

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