In addition to the formal partnerships described below, through its Board of Governors, TPSE Math benefits from many informal linkages among the policy and academic communities in pursuit of common or complementary goals for the transformation of post-secondary education in quantitative sciences. TPSE is also working with Ithaka S+R on a project to develop, test, and scale new models for entry-level math instruction.

AMPSS (Advancing Mathematics Pathways for Student Success)
TPSE Math is part of a seven-member coalition coordinating a national drive to address undergraduate mathematics as a significant academic barrier for students pursuing degrees and credentials. The other partners are:

CBMS (Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences)
Each CBMS member society has designated a TPSE liaison, listed below. Those marked with * are also MAG members.

  • David Bressoud, CBMS Director
  • AMATYC - American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (Jane Tanner*)
  • AMS - American Mathematical Society (Helen Grundman)
  • AMTE - Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (Joe Champion)
  • ASA - American Statistical Association (Donna LaLonde)
  • ASL - Association for Symbolic Logic (Charles Steinhorn)
  • AWM - Association for Women in Mathematics (Irina Mitrea)
  • ASSM - Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics (Charles Watson)
  • BBA - Benjamin Banneker Association (Brea Ratliff
  • IMS - Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • INFORMS - Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (Jill Wilson)
  • MAA - Mathematical Association of America (Doug Ensley)
  • NAM - National Association of Mathematicians (Edray Goins)
  • NCSM - National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (Connie Schrock)
  • NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Matt Larson)
  • SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Rachel Levy*)
  • SOA - Society of Actuaries
  • TODOS - TODOS: Mathematics for All (Diane Kinch)