TPSE Math is committed to enhancing the capacity of its partners to do their own work more effectively in pursuit of the shared goal of stronger and more relevant education in mathematics in US colleges and universities.

** TPSE Partners Meeting - April 1, 2019 **

Partners include CBMS (Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences) and its members:

  • AMATYC - American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges
  • AMS - American Mathematical Society
  • AMTE - Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
  • ASA - American Statistical Association
  • ASL - Association for Symbolic Logic
  • AWM - Association for Women in Mathematics
  • ASSM - Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics
  • BBA - Benjamin Banneker Association
  • IMS - Institute of Mathematical Statistics
  • INFORMS - Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences
  • MAA - Mathematical Association of America
  • NAM - National Association of Mathematicians
  • NCSM - National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
  • NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • SOA - Society of Actuaries
  • TODOS - TODOS: Mathematics for All

TPSE Math is working with Ithaka S+R on a project to develop, test, and scale new models for entry-level math instruction.

TPSE also includes among its partners organizations where MAG members play leadership roles, including the Math Alliance.

Through its Board of Governors, TPSE benefits from many linkages among the policy and academic communities.

In 2017, TPSE became part of the AMPSS (Advancing Mathematics Pathways for Student Success) coalition. Though the formal partnership is on hold for budgetary reasons, TPSE and its other members, listed below, continue to work in pursuit of the group's mission.