Mathematics Advisory Group (MAG)

The establishment of the Mathematics Advisory Group (MAG) in 2016 marked the evolution of TPSE Math from information-gathering activities toward a more action-oriented role. With the TPSE board, MAG members are leading the effort to carry out, scale up, and evaluate the effectiveness of major reforms.

In their inaugural meeting in Washington DC on March 25-26, 2016, MAG members:

  • heard from stakeholders outside the mathematics community about the urgent need for reform in post-secondary math education to meet the growing demand for quantitative skills in the workforce and in other disciplines;
  • learned about the experiences of other disciplines that have undergone reform efforts;
  • began to develop an action plan, based on input from this and prior gatherings.

The MAG met again as part of the larger the Chairs +1 Conferences in October 2016 and March 2017, and MAG members have been participating in regional meetings around the country.

          MAG RESOURCES (lots more on the TPSE Math links page)

          MAG Members
          MAG Members grouped by TPSE priority

          For the March 2016 Inaugural Meeting:

            Participant List

            Agenda & Panelists

            Panelist Bios

            Breakout Groups (members, themes, discussion questions)

            Breakout Group Discussion Summary

            Resources and References for Panels:

               TPSE Math Overview (Phillip Griffiths)
               Panel 1: Expanded Workforce Demand for Quantitative/Math Skills
Handout - Anthony Carnevale

               Panel 2: Growing Demand for Quantitative Skills in Other Disciplines
               The Mathematical Sciences in 2025
               Fueling Innovation and Discovery: The Mathematical Sciences in the 21st Century

               Panel 3: Lessons from Postsecondary Reform in Other STEM Disciplines   
               Panel slides (combined)
               History of RUME (Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education)
               Bioscience education resources
               Engineering education resources
               Geosciences education resources

               History of Geoscience Education Research & Reform
               Physics education resources

               Panel 4: Role and Perspectives of Administrators
Common Vision report

               Panel 5: New Pathways  
Colorado Math Pathways Task Force (Allison slides)
               Colorado Math Pathways Task Force Final Report
               Co-requisite Instruction in the Tennessee Board of Regents (Denley slides)
               Data Science at Macalester College (Saxe slides)
               Macalester College data science minor (flyer)        
               Ohio Mathematics Initiative (Younker slides)
               Dana Center Resources:
                 A Call to Action to Improve Math Placement Policies & Processes
                 Modernizing Mathematics Pathways
                 Improving Undergrad Math: Progress from State Math Task Forces
                 A Call to Action to Expand Access to Statistics
                 An Overview of the New Mathways Project
                 Prerequisites for Success in Introductory Statistics