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TPSE Leadership Institute


The TPSE Math Leadership Institute is a year-long program that helps prepare a diverse group of future leaders within the mathematics community. The goal is to help each participant learn new leadership skills and expand their vision of what leadership means. Each participant will increase their ability to make a difference as a leader at the local and national levels, and respond to future challenges as leaders at their institution, in professional organizations, and within Federal agencies. Individuals from academia, industry and the non-profit sector are all invited to apply. The Institute especially encourages early and mid-career individuals, and individuals from underrepresented groups in mathematics to participate. 


Each participant, known as a Fellow:

  • Receives training in leadership skills through a two-day summer workshop, bi-monthly group virtual meetings to discuss leadership principles, and bi-monthly meetings with a mentor who is an experienced leader.

  • Works on a self-selected leadership project during the year they are participating in the Leadership Institute.

  • Is matched with an experienced leader who serves as a mentor to that Fellow. The mentor provides guidance on completing the leadership project, developing leadership skills, and progressing in future leadership activities.



Fellows in the Leadership Institute will participate in:

  • A two-day summer leadership training workshop (June 26-28, Modality TBD). During the workshop, participants will learn from experienced leaders through presentations, panels, and group discussions on topics that will expand their vision of what leadership means, teach them essential leadership skills, and increase their motivation to make a difference as a leader. 

  • Five bi-monthly virtual group meetings in which all the Fellows, a guest speaker, and the director will discuss an aspect of leadership. These virtual group meetings will occur in September, November, January, March, and May.

  • Five bi-monthly virtual meetings between the Fellow and their Mentor. The Mentors are encouraged to share their own leadership experiences and offer guidance to the Fellow on their future as a leader and on their leadership project. These virtual one-on-one meetings will occur In August, October, December, February, and April.

  • Ongoing group discussions via an asynchronous online platform.

  • TPSE sessions at JMM 2024.

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