Discussion with Math Societies & Associations, JMM, San Antonio, January 10, 2015

TPSE Math convened an informal two-hour workshop at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, Texas in January 2015. This followed a similar workshop at the 2014 JMM in Baltimore, Maryland; a three-day, national-scale meeting at the University of Texas at Austin in June 2014; and a regional meeting at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in November 2014. 

The challenges facing mathematics education include the critical need for more effective developmental courses, new demands on math’s service mission to fast-changing STEM and non-STEM disciplines, poor coordination among institutions of different levels, and severe financial pressures on public institutions. Many individuals and organizations have recognized these challenges are developing innovative responses.

The San Antonio meeting, along with TPSE Math itself, have been organized to hear from some of the organizations most active in understanding and responding to these challenges, and to build stronger coordination that will be needed to scale up successful reforms in a coherent way. Please click here for a summary of the attendees’ presentations, which, taken together, provide a summary of themes and issues of highest concern to the nation’s leading mathematics organizations.