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TPSE Leadership Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am a community college faculty member, or I have a visiting faculty position. Am I eligible to participate in the Leadership Institute?

Answer: Community College faculty members and faculty at two-year institutions are eligible to participate and are encouraged to apply. Visiting faculty members are also eligible to participate in the Leadership Institute although they will still need to submit a letter from the department chair, dean, or provost at the institution they are visiting.

Question: I have a scheduling conflict with the two-day summer workshop. Is it okay if I don’t attend the workshop?


Answer: The two-day workshop will lay the foundation for the year-long Leadership Institute, and it is expected that all participants will attend the workshop. If you cannot attend the workshop, it is better for you to wait and apply in a year that you can attend the workshop.

Question: I am not sure what to do for my leadership project. Are there any samples of previous leadership projects?


Answer: A one-sentence description of the previous leadership projects are online. They can be found by going to the TPSE Leadership Institute main page and clicking on the “Faculty Participant” box near the bottom of the page.

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