TPSE eNews #5

Suzanne Weekes is appointed to the TPSE Board; the MAG Teaching Strategies and Practices invites you to join its discussions; TPSE Math seeks a part-time Director of Strategy & Implementation. Read on for details on these items and more.

Suzanne Weekes Appointed to TPSE Board of Governors

Dr. Suzanne Weekes has been appointed to the TPSE Math Board, effective January 27, 2020.

TPSE members and mathematics stakeholders will greatly benefit from Dr. Weekes’ experience, expertise, and commitment to innovation, reform, and overall student success. In her current role as Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Mathematical Sciences at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Dr. Weekes provides leadership and support for students and faculty by connecting undergraduate research activities with intentional and effective learning outcomes that positively impact the entire university community.

In addition to providing student and faculty support at WPI, Dr. Weekes seeks to elevate the visibility and impact of student research and develop new internal and external partnerships and opportunities that will enhance research efforts at the university. She is also deeply involved in initiatives outside the university that connect the academic mathematics community to business, industry, and government.

Dr. Weekes already has a history of involvement with TPSE, including organizing and hosting TPSE’s New England Regional Meeting on Upper-Division Pathways, held at WPI in 2018. She also served on the Mathematics Advisory Group, with a focus on the Upper-Division Pathways priority area. Her appointment to the Board will help TPSE to strengthen its ongoing work in undergraduate mathematics pathways and help connect it to workforce needs.

According to Dr. Weekes, “It’s an honor and it is pretty exciting to join the TPSE Math Board of Governors and to serve with the leadership,” adding, “I think the work that TPSE is doing is unlike anything I have been aware of – the bringing together of different entities and stakeholders is wonderful.”

Referencing the work that lies ahead for TPSE and its partners, Weekes stated, “As universities we have existed in a particular cultural framework for decades, and it is good to have the opportunity to stand back and see what that framework should be now that we are in 2020.  Should we still be operating in the same framework that we had in 1970? In 1990? We need to think deeply, creatively, and boldly about things and ask how can we better serve all our students and our communities, meet the needs of our workforce, and fulfill our missions as educators and researchers.”

Dr. Weekes received a B.S. degree in Mathematics from Indiana University and a PhD in Mathematics and Scientific Computing from the University of Michigan before completing her post-doctoral work at Texas A&M University. Recently, she received a 2020 Haimo Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics from the Mathematical Association of America, and she is the recipient of the 2019 Humphreys Award for Mentoring from the Association for Women in Mathematics. 

MAG Teaching Strategies and Practices: Open Invitation

The Teaching Strategies and Practices team of TPSE’s Mathematics Advisory Group meets monthly by Zoom to develop strategy in several focus areas: Metrics for Success; Evidence-Based Teaching Practices; Taking Advantage of Existing & Innovative Structures; and Use of Technology. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 24 from 2:00-3:00 EST. If you would like to participate, please email [email protected] to request the Zoom link. Your comments are also welcome via TPSE’s online forum.

TPSE Consultancy: Immediate Opening

TPSE Math seeks a Director of Strategy & Implementation on a flexible 20-hour/week remote consulting basis through December 2020, with the possibility of renewal. Reporting to the TPSE Math Board of Governors, the incumbent will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for program development and execution. Expressions of interest are requested by February 18, and the candidate must be available to begin no later than April 1, 2020. Click here for details.

Electronic Seminar on Mathematics Education

This online seminar, organized by MIT and TPSE and hosted at Cornell, centers on mathematics education at the university level. Talks take place via Zoom on alternate Tuesdays at noon ET, covering curriculum, pedagogy, inclusiveness, professional development, blended and flipped classrooms, and other topics. Information about upcoming seminars, as well as links to recordings of past talks, can be found here. (Upcoming seminar dates: February 18, March 17, April 14 and 28, May 12.)

TPSE Website

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