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PARTNERS MEETING, April 1, 2019: As TPSE Math evolves and broadens its reach and influence across the nation, it is continuously developing new strategies to address the consistent implementation of its four priority areas -- lower-division pathways, upper-division pathways, graduate education, and teaching strategies and practices -- in addition to enhancing communication and coordination across multiple stakeholder groups. A TPSE Partners Meeting, held on April 1 at the University of Miami, featured contributions from a wide spectrum of participants representing multiple organizations, institutions, and roles.

In the course of the day’s presentations, large-group discussions, and breakout sessions, several themes -- including a greater focus on equity, ongoing innovation and thought leadership, workforce connections to mathematics reform, and the need to scale current efforts to effect structural change -- emerged. More important, suggested approaches and possible action steps addressing the four TPSE priority areas were discussed and agreed upon, with improved communication, faculty incentives, better data collection, and the creation of an “umbrella organization” capable of enhancing student learning outcomes all identified as future needs.

While the Partners Meeting was a good start in helping TPSE leadership to define and plan the next phase of work related to the four priority areas, it was just the beginning -- more input is needed with regard to the specific objectives and action steps TPSE needs to pursue over the coming year. To this end, TPSE leadership is continuing to work with partners to get a better understanding of how to best proceed and ensure that all students are able and empowered to equitably learn mathematics and succeed, no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or program of study.


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Morehouse College, Atlanta, June 10-11, 2019

Faculty members and administrators at colleges and universities in the Southeastern United States are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis until we reach capacity. Representatives of Historically Black Colleges and Universities are especially encouraged to attend. To request an invitation, or if you have questions, please email us. The registration deadline is Friday, May 17.


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EMERGING ISSUES IN MATHEMATICS PATHWAYS: Case Studies, Scans of the Field, & Recommendations



This is an online seminar series centered on mathematics education at the university level. Talks cover curriculum, pedagogy, inclusiveness, professional development, blended and flipped classrooms, and other topics of interest. The seminar meets every other Tuesday at noon eastern time, using Zoom, and is open to all. Last week's talk was given by TSPE board member Tara Holm and her colleague Steve Bennoun, on Active Learning in Calculus at Cornell. See the ESME website for a list of upcoming talks and a rich archive of past presentations.


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October 25, 2019: AMS MINI-CONFERENCE ON EDUCATION, Washington DC

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