Creating Opportunities in Mathematics through Equity and INclusion (COME-IN)

Providing Resources for Assessing and Improving DEI Efforts in Math/Stat Departments

Mathematics and statistics departments are being asked by their administration to improve the equity, diversity, and inclusivity in their department or have decided themselves to do this. However, the resources to support efforts to accomplish such goals are scarce. To help with this issue, TPSE created a working group in 2021 of 16 diverse mathematicians for the purpose of creating resources to guide a department in the mathematical and statistical sciences to assess and improve its efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The working group adapted the core criteria from the AAAS STEMM Equity Achievement (SEA) Change to the needs and challenges of the mathematical and statistical sciences. The resulting resources are called COME-IN (Creating Opportunities in Mathematics through Equity and INclusion). Now that TPSE has created this resource for mathematical sciences departments, we are in the process of marketing COME-IN so departments are aware of them and use them.