The third in a series of regional meetings took place at the University of Chicago on September 19-20, 2015.

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Agenda & Panelists

Saturday, September 19

Welcome & Opening Remarks
Phillip Griffiths, Institute for Advanced Study & TPSE Math (Chair)

Panel 1:  The Role of University/College Administrations in Teaching & Research
                Robert Zimmer, President, University of Chicago (Chair)
                Brit Kirwan, Chancellor Emeritus, University System of Maryland & TPSE Math
                Rick Miranda, Provost & Executive Vice President, Colorado State University
                Phyllis Wise, Former Chancellor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Panel 2:  The Role of Mathematics Departments
                Eric Friedlander, University of Southern California & TPSE Math (Chair)
                Paul Goerss, Northwestern University
                Brit Kirwan, University System of Maryland & TPSE Math
                David Morrison, University of California, Santa Barbara
                Nancy Sattler, AMATYC & Terra Community College
                Judy Walker, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Panel 3:  Training of Graduate Students
                Michael Vogelius, Director, Div. of Mathematical Sciences, Nat'l Science Foundation (Chair)
                Tara Holm, Cornell University & TPSE Math (slides)
                Richard Laugesen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (slides)
                Amie Wilkinson, University of Chicago

Panel 4:  Secondary School Teacher Training (emphasis on urban/underachieving schools)
                Robert Fefferman, Professor of Mathematics, University of Chicago (Chair)
                Jim Lewis, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
                Michael Marder, University of Texas at Austin & UTeach (slides)
                Regeta Slaughter, University of Illinois at Chicago (retired)                

Sunday, September 20

Panel 5:  Enhanced Opportunities for Highly Motivated Undergraduates
                Mark Green, University of California, Los Angeles & TPSE Math (Chair)
                Joseph Gallian, University of Minnesota - Duluth (slides)
                Rachel Levy, Harvey Mudd College (slides)
                Christine Taylor, Princeton University (notes)

Panel 6: Calculus: Roles, Relevance & Reform
                Uri Treisman, University of Texas at Austin & TPSE Math (Chair)
                David Bressoud, Macalester College (slides)
                Stephen DeBacker, University of Michigan (slides)
                Suzanne Lenhart, University of Tennessee & NIMBioS
                Vilma Mesa, University of Michigan (slides)
                Karen Saxe, Macalester College (slides)

Closing Session