Assessing Students' Learning Online: webinar follow-up

by Dave Kung

More than 300 participants attended the TPSE/MAA/AMS webinar on Assessing Student Learning on May 4, 2020. Thanks to Abbe Herzig and Nan Sattler for leading the group, to all four presenters (Abbe Herzig, Rena Levitt, Chelle Younker, and Francis Su) for sharing their insights, and to the MAA staff for setting everything up behind the scenes. Finally, thanks to all who made the webinar so engaging with the steady stream of great comments, questions and resources about the current remote teaching environment!

 A few ways to broaden the conversation and share even more information:

Sharing Resources. We received many requests to share examples of the rubrics and assignments. With the generous support of the MAA, we are setting up a library within the MAA Connect Online Teaching and Learning Community, where we can all share material.

If you have sample assignments, rubrics, or other relevant things that might be helpful to the rest of us, please send them to [email protected]. We will organize them into a structure in the MAA Connect library, and then will circulate instructions on how you can all access the material and continue to build both this resource and the conversation around it.