Focus on Upper-Division Pathways

Baltimore, Maryland
June 14, 2017

This day-long meeting, designed to help inform TPSE implementation plans, will bring together faculty members from some 15 colleges and universities who have done pioneering work relevant to upper-division math pathways.

Discussion will center around the need for innovation in mathematics and math-related curricula at the upper-division level, and how successful models can be evaluated, scaled up, and disseminated to other institutions.

Topics will include:

  • Creating flexible portfolios of pathways and tracks for the math major
  • Designing interdisciplinary courses such as mathematics of networks, cryptography, financial math, algorithms, and mathematical biology
  • Meeting demand for data science and machine learning
  • Incorporating offerings in modeling and computation¬†
  • Effective models of student research
  • Successful involvement with industry
  • Integrating programming experience into the major
  • Capstone projects

Participants will be asked for advice to share with faculty members considering reforms about how to: 

  • Compare local needs with those that prompted reforms elsewhere
  • Identify ways these reforms might be applied in their own institutions
  • Communicate with faculty from other institutions who have initiated UDPs and learn about the barriers and solutions of their programs
  • Meet with faculty and administrators in their own institutions to discuss reforms
  • Form partnerships with colleagues in educational institutions and professional organizations¬†
  • Join with TPSE Math and others to design grant programs (aimed at federal agencies, state governments, private foundations) that might support reforms